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The PASTEL Saturday  Club caters for young adults with learning disabilities, aged 13-30. PASTEL provides a wide range of social, educational & learning, leisure & recreational opportunities. These meaningful and engaging activities offer new experiences to develop people's independence skills and group working.

PASTEL provides a safe and inclusive setting, with members actively involved with deciding the programme of activities. In addition, each member has a Personal Action Plan (PAP), specifying at least three learning outcomes. The PAP is constructed with the added inputs of parent carers. It is reviewed every year to evaluate progress and develop new objectives, as appropriate.

Each session is supervised by a professional session leader, supported by two trained adult volunteers and three peer memtors from local schools.

The PASTEL Saturday Club runs on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month, from 10.30am to 3.30pm, at the Fromus Centre.

Activities include:







Painting, using water-soluble paints, is used for personal expression, as a group activity eg promotional posters and in support of other artistic endeavours, eg producing a graffit wall, as part of a hip-hop theatre production.


Ball games,



These can be indoor such as bowls or outdoor such as rounders.





This activity includes food hygiene and preparation as well as cooking and then consuming the end-result. It can also involve competing teams with quizzes and has even involved a pop-up restaurant with paying customers.





We use an XBox for tenpin bowling and other team and adventure games.





This has ranged from "street " dancing to creating their own Morris dance and public performances at local community events.


Day Trips



In furtherance of developing independence, local trips into town have been mixed with trips further afield by train and minibus to the coast / theatre / zoo.





Drama ranges from educational role play of everyday scenarios to creating shadow puppet shows and participating in local art festivals.


Film making



The team created an animated video anfd their own story board, characters and dialogue to produce a 20 minutecomedy horror film entitled "Mid Suffolk Murders".





This ranges from potting and planting seeds to growing a variety of flowers and vegetables in their own community garden plots.





This is an activity involving other groups providing keyboards, electric guitars, drums and simple percussion instruments..





The team have been taught the use of digital cameras to record their own activities.





This activity involves making items from clay and then painting the finished items, after they've been fired in a kiln.



Combining their art, dance and drama they have put on a public performance of their own hip-hop theatre.

The cost for each 5-hour day is £30, and once enrolled members are expected to attend regularly, as they would school or college. The cost covers the professional tutor, hall hire, refreshments, and any materials used in sessions eg cooking ingredients.

PASTEL's Admission Policy requires members to have a diagnosis of a learning disability (mild/moderate/severe), have independent personal care skills and be able to demonstrate a minimum level of compliance necessary for his/her development, and to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

New members can attend a free taster session, with or without their parent / carer, to see if it's suitable for them.


Payments can be made from Direct Payments or Personal Budget.

PASTEL does not offer medical support, personal care or one-to-one support, but clients are welcome to bring a carer / support worker to support them at the workshops.

Transport can be by local community transport or parent carer. PASTEL does not provide transport.


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