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We aim for three levels of impact:

• Impact 1 (Individual): Reduction in social exclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable people with the creation of fun learning activities, encouraging them to make new friends and become active/involved citizens.

• Impact 2 (Family): Parent / Carers and other family members experience valuable respite.

• Impact 3 (The Community): The general public are educated through participation in public events, new volunteers are generated and there is a move towards a more inclusive and coherent community.

PASTEL wants to demonstrate how people benefiting from the service actively participate in those projects – being consulted at the outset and their views incorporated in project design. Including customers and users in this process is very important.

PASTEL will draw on ‘good practice’ and knowledge of ‘what works’ to inform the work it does. But it will also welcome projects that wish to experiment with new ideas and approaches to familiar problems.